Inspection and Measuring of Raw Materials and Fuel for Iron and Steel Production

NKKK conducts sampling, quality determination and other survey and measuring of raw materials for iron production.For a mechanical sampler or other sampling instrument newly equipped or remodeled in a plant, we carry out accuracy-check by the client's requirements.NKKK participates in the Sampling Committee of Japan Iron and Steel Federation, JIS/ISO-TC102 Iron Ore Committee and in the Sampling Committee of Center for Coal Utilization, Japan, JIS/ISO-TC27 Coal and Coke Committee. We cooperate in establishing the Japanese Industrial Standard as an expert member of the Sampling Method Committee and of Analysis Committee of iron ore, coal and coke, and other materials. Both committees belong to the Industrial Science & Technology Policy and Environment Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.
The items surveyed and measured by the Association cover the following:

  • Iron ore, iron ore pellet, iron sand
  • Coal and coke
  • Ferroalloy, pig iron
  • Steel scrap
  • Fluorspar (metallurgical grade)
Sampling of Commodities

The point of sampling is to take samples in a fair and reasonable manner enabling the parties concerned to properly judge the quality of the entire commodity for transaction based on the samples. These representative samples are further selected to be used for chemical or physicaltest. The purpose of sampling is to provide the seller and the buyer with the basic material for judgment as to whether the commodity conforms with the contracted specifications.
NKKK carries out sampling for various kinds of commodities transacted internationally in accordance with standardized methods or criteria and, if required, on the basis of particular specifications.

Inspection and Measuring of Raw Materials of Non-ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals include a wide scope of materials ranging from copper, lead, zinc, nickel, chrome, manganese and bauxite in the form of ores, concentrates, semi-products or alloys.
NKKK undertakes consistent supervision from unloading to analysis.
NKKK participates in the Sampling and the Analysis Committees of Japan Mining Industry Association, JIS/ISO-TC183 as a member of Domestic Committee directed by the Industrial Science & Technology Policy and Environment Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.
Our surveying services cover the following items:

  • Manganese ore, chrome ore, nickel ore, ilmenite, bauxite, copper, lead and zinc concentrates
  • Silica sand, fluorspar (acid or ceramic grade), salt, clay, gypsum, magnesia clinker
  • Other non-ferrous metals, ores and concentrates.
  • Other non-metallic ores